The Virtual Agent signs on the Jigsaw Group

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Knowing that we add tangible value for our clients is what makes The Virtual Agent’s journey even more rewarding.

At the beginning of 2017, we were pleased to add the Jigsaw Group to our client base. The Jigsaw Group is a group of companies that include ERA, AIDA and Realty1Berna Daly is the CEO of ERA Property Group South Africa and she shared her experience with us below:

“The Virtual Agent encompasses the only one-stop comprehensive solution to the key challenges facing every Property Professional in a rapidly evolving industry.”

Not only does TVA give a Professional Practitioner of Real Estate access to essential data and client, contact details but it also provides the perfect portal to manage, retain and grow your client base. 

Success and establishing credibility and mutual trust for any business starts with communicating constantly and keeping your clients close. The Virtual Agent makes it easy and time efficient to do just that. 

 The support, training and “can do” attitude of The Virtual Agent Team ensure that implementation and use of the system is not only fast and efficient but constantly expanding in terms of its value proposition.

 In my opinion, TVA is a non-negotiable instrument in every Professional Practitioner’s journey to success.”