Success Stories

At Blake, we focus on mentorship and effective training that fosters skill development. It’s this approach that has kept many of our staff
members with us for extended periods of time, driving them to become some of our greatest leaders in the process.


Duran Gengan

Contact Centre Agent Collections Dbn to Key Account Executive Collections Dbn

My career at Blake started in March 2007 as a contact centre agent. I worked as an agent for just over 9 months, ranking as the top collector of my campaign for nine consecutive months. During this time I was also given the opportunity by Blake, to study credit management services at Credit Skills and Management.

In 2008, I was promoted to supervisor and with an opportunity to be a leader to my staff, I decided to take the challenge and do everything I can to make my team stand out from the rest. Achieving exceptional results from the first month, it was a great start to achieve our goals. At the same time I became the top student in the Durban region for credit management one and I then went on to successfully complete all four levels.

I was thereafter promoted to manager in the Current department and then in January 2010, I was also appointed as a lecturer for Credit Skills and Management where I lectured on weekends. It was one of my teams motto’s to defy the odds, make history and set trends. We strived to live up to that and beating competitors became something we looked forward to every month.

The opportunity to be champions and not challengers in a champion challenger was our daily motivation to succeed.

After beating our competitors for twenty four consecutive months on all campaigns, I was nominated by Blake for the CCMG Contact centre Manager of the year award, which I went on to win in August 2012. Two months later I was nominated by Blake for another award at the Institute of Credit Management,
where I went on to win and was named Credit Professional of the year 2012.

Later that year I was promoted to Trainee Key Accounts Executive and again took to this new challenge determined to succeed. In December 2013 I was promoted to Key Accounts Executive and given the opportunity to run my own department. In my journey at Blake, with a fast climb up the corporate ladder
in less than 8 years and at the same time gaining 5 years’ experience as a lecturer at CSM thanks to Blake, I have learnt that, hard work brings success and success brings great rewards.


Renu Singh

Contact Centre Agent Collections Dbn to Senior Key Accounts Executive Dbn

16 years ago I walked into the collections arena with zero knowledge of the debt collection field. My casual term was for only 3 months replacing a staff on maternity leave and by fate the company required more staff which moved me into a permanent position. The company introduced a supervisor mentorship programme awarding good performers and just after a year as a contact centre agent I was selected as a candidate. Six months within the mentorship programme I was placed into a supervisor position in a huge retail portfolio.

My ladder of success began where my qualities as an individual, my zest for knowledge and my hands on approach was recognized by the company. My practical experience grew day by day with the information the company had exposed me to, this included extensive system training , innovative debt
collection tools, extensive collections technique and strategies and not forgetting the respect and support of my staff, peers and

Within my years in a supervisory role, I worked with a diverse list of portfolio’s exposing me to collections in all sectors of the industry. My knowledge was all practical with no qualification behind me, this was short lived as Blake ventured into a bursary allowing employees to study in the credit management services field. I have successfully completed Credit Management 4 and through Blake I have gained extensive collections, human resources and legislative knowledge.

My growth into a manager role came from my client recommendation where they recognised my hands on approach, deliverance of satisfying results and adherence of time frames and service level agreements. Another step up the ladder which put me into greater exposure to developing strategies, maintaining client relationships, budgeting and managing costs, staff motivation and recognition and last but not least the opportunity to work closely with the management team.

In my managerial role I gained in-depth knowledge of decision trees, risk models, dialler experience, extensive reporting methods, Business Intelligence tools, close client relationships and staff respect and co-operation. The support of my team and efficient management of my portfolios assisted me in further growth to Trainee Key Accounts Executive and after a year into my current position as Key Accounts Executive.

Hard work and determination pays off where Blake and Associates has recognized this simple employee and has aided and grown my career extensively. I am grateful for all the opportunities, recognition, and respect and above all of this, the support of staff and management. I look forward to working closely with the company in maintaining high values and excellent results.


Rajiv Kamraj

Contact Centre Agent Collections Dbn to Key Accounts Executive Dbn

I am Rajiv Kamraj and my current role is that of a Trainee Key Account Executive at Blake & Associates. The preparation for this role began early in my career at Blake and the journey to get here has afforded me various opportunities to grow and develop, both as a leader and as an individual. I started this journey with Blake in December 2007 when I began as a debt collection agent. Since then I have served in several roles at various levels of management through the many opportunities granted to me by my leadership team. The ladder I climbed involved me filling roles in all areas within the debt collection division. This exposure and gradual climbing of the ladder afforded me the time, space and situations required to build my skills as the leader of my
team and form the foundation on which I build my management capability every day. I understand the business and the challenges faced by my team members only by having walked in their shoes. It prepared my mind set to motivate the individuals within my area and help them reach their true potential.

I didn’t do this alone though. I was fortunate enough to have had the guidance and mentorship of senior management who helped me prepare myself for the role of leader. By adopting the Blake values and challenging my own limitations and boundaries, I proudly call myself one of Blake’s many “success stories”. Blake & Associates not only gave me the sound foundation to build my capability as a leader but they also afforded me the opportunity to grow academically by helping me further my academic studies in Credit Management. The rich opportunity for growth within Blake has motivated me to deliver only the best and the rewards have proven to be worth every step in my journey. It has also awoken in me a desire to someday repay this debt by “paying it
forward” and helping other individuals grow like I did. And this is how I hope to make my mark of gratitude in the company that built me.