Debt Collection Case Study 2:
Medical Book


The client required an additional External Debt Collector (EDC) due to the increase in unpaid hospital bills. With the client already having four external debt collectors, Blake was included on the EDC panel to improve their debt collection performance.

Blake was initially mandated to perform debt collection for a few of the hospitals within the client’s group. After understanding all of the client’s requirements and analysing the data received, a strategy was designed to cater for all these.

As time passed Blake identified the need to include a legal strategy. Although the client already had a panel of their own attorneys, they had requested that Blake oversee the legal process on accounts handed over from Blake to the attorney. Blake and Associates identified an attorney on the panel with national coverage as the ideal attorney to proceed with the legal matters. Blake designed an effective legal strategy and once approval was received from the client, this was implemented successfully.


Blake implemented the following:

• Identified the various hospitals in order for staff to work the different accounts effectively. By separating the different hospital accounts, reporting and invoicing could be done accurately.
• Designed and submitted an SMS and letters strategy
• Trained staff accordingly and designed scripts to suit the client’s requirements as well as to ensure that Blake was providing the highest level of debt collection service on their behalf.
• Created high-level reports to outline the positives and negatives that occur during the reporting month. Regular feedback was provided to the client regarding performance, trends and any challenges that Blake may have encountered.
• Implemented various targets for the staff to achieve. An incentive scheme was designed to motivate staff to perform over and above the standard of performance.
• Rolled out greater call recording and auditing capabilities through Blake’s internal Quality Assurance department.
• Ensured the necessary training and coaching was rendered to improve quality. Further to this, ongoing training programmes were created for staff that was not achieving their productivity and collection targets.


Due to consistently good results, the client had rewarded Blake with an increase in mandate for both the existing allocation of accounts as well as international accounts.