Debt Collection Case Study 3:
Retail Early Stage


Company D needed to rehabilitate early delinquency accounts, ensuring reduction of the roll rate and an increase in sales. Blake’s KPIs were to outperform two of the client’s in-house collection teams with collection strategies differing in each team, while the client managed both. An initial mandate of 10% was handed over to Blake.

Blake worked closely with the client in determining their requirements with a view and understanding of the current debt collection strategy in place due to the accounts having to be worked off the client’s strategy and system.

Although the strategy could not be changed, Blake had carte blanche for the following:

• Dialer strategy
• Letter content
• Short Message Content
• Scripting
• Only reporting to be made available was that of performance versus competitors when the data warehouse updated.
• Daily dialer files would be received from the client so as to load accounts onto Blake’s dialer.


The following was investigated and implemented:

• Accounts were segmented as per description and CD levels.
• Priority of queuing was agreed upon.
• Spread of effort was looked into, to ensure appropriate costs for certain criteria.
• Business rules for bring-backs increased attempts where required and when most positive contact was discussed; decisions were made thereon.
• Reporting from a BI and Screen Scrape perspective was investigated and implemented due to limited reporting from the client.
• Staff were recruited, trained and allocated to silos based on their strengths so as to adequately ensure that all delinquency cycles could be catered for, based on required levels of assertiveness and appropriate negotiations.
• Current scripting was tweaked and updated to include various payment methods including the consequences and benefits of regular, correct payments.
• Letter and Short Message content was updated to capitalise on driving the debtors into the store for immediate cash payments or alternatively, monthly debit orders for salary dates.
• KPIs were agreed upon with all team players being involved so as to incorporate one goal.
• Extensive testing was undertaken on business rules, queuing and dialer rules with the campaign going live as per the expected date.
• Audits were conducted on call quality and agent performance with staff continuously receiving training for areas of concerns, thus ensuring quality at the required level at all times.


• Absolute transparency in all aspects of the business with continued best practice sharing between both parties.
• Blake has successfully outperformed both in-house debt collection teams over the period of working on this book for the last 44 months.
• In-house debt collection teams have had to improve their performance, which then impacted the client positively.
• Blake was awarded an increase in mandate over the last few years and is now both accountable and responsible for 45% of all accounts in early delinquency.