Wi-Fire Case Study 1:
Large Furniture Retail Group


Group A is a major retailer group in South Africa, which sells furniture and electronic consumer goods across multiple brands. Group B is the Financial Services leg of the group and is in charge of all the credit aspects of the business.


Wi-Fire was deployed as a free Wi-Fi service into more than 170 branches across the country in multiple brand stores. The solution provided a platform for direct customer engagement in store by means of custom push messages presented on the landing page. The displayed messages served to offer additional credit facilities to existing and current customers, while informing customers in arrears of outstanding payments.


In order to enable that level of personalisation, Wi-Fire was integrated with Group A’s back end customer database and a custom decision process was designed to match Group A’s requirements. Additional modules were enabled to integrate further functionalities, such as real time credit checks and contact person database, to enhance the decision process workflow.


• 37% of offers pushed to customers were applied for.
• Sales conversion rate of approx. 5% on applications received.
• Credit sales of R1,5m were secured in less than three months to existing clients.
• Developed a weekly marketing leads list that was used prolifically for SMS and email campaigns.
• Successfully achieved the most comprehensive customer profiling analytics insight on their customers and non-customers to date with a 99% identification rate.

Following this success, Blake is currently planning an advanced service that will see Wi-Fire streamlining the customer engagement processes for offered services. The use of an Omnichannel solution would improve conversion rate by offering an even more personalised service.