Wi-Fire Case Study 2:
Large CEG Retail Group


Blake recently concluded a PoC with Company B, a CEG retailer within a huge retail group (Group B). Company B aimed to attract feet to their store, develop a deep understanding of the customer and non-customer alike, and gain a better understanding of splash page marketing performance in terms of ecommerce click-through, as well as establish a current marketing leads database.


The PoC effectively delivered on the businesses’ KPI requirements in the following ways:

• User uptake of the service was determined to be significant and confirmed Wi-Fi as a viable channel for consumer engagement.
• For customer profiling, accurate identification of customer demographics was identified, such as gender, age group, LSM bracket and residential area from which they came to visit the store.
• 16% click-through rate from marketing displayed on landing pages to Company B’s ecommerce site
• Some of the links with the most click-throughs were to specific product pages.
• A marketing lead list database with a population of hundreds of users per month that is being successfully used for marketing endeavours.
• The solution will imminently be deployed to the entire Company B store footprint. Furthermore, other Group B retail chains will initiate PoCs shortly, to better test the return on investment that Wi-Fire solutions provide within these environments.